Know Someone Who Needs To Sell?

Step 1) Locate Someone Who Needs To Sell Their House

Step 2) Tell Them About

Step 3) Call Or Email Us To Give Us The Address & Seller Information.

Step 4) Get Paid At Closing (If We Are Able To Buy Their Home).

Know someone who needs to sell their home AS-IS?

We want to give you a cash bonus for helping us find sellers! It could be your neighbor, your family member, or a friend.

We pay huge cash bonuses for the name and address of someone looking to sell their home. It’s that simple! Cash for addresses! When we buy the house you will get a CA$H finders fee.

Know Someone Who Needs To Sell?

They could be facing foreclosure, behind on payments, have a vacant house, have a house that needs repairs, or have a house that is not wanted anymore. Just provide us the details and we will ensure you get paid! Do you want to learn more about how you can make extra money by just finding us houses? Then email or give us a call!

We buy in As-Is condition and can close in just a few weeks!

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